Filters and Accessories

Customized Silicon Filters

Variable filter geometries
© Fraunhofer CSP
Variable filter geometries: 25 mm, 23 mm, 13 mm, 9 mm.
Laser drilled Si filter
© Fraunhofer CSP
Laser drilled Si filter with examples of different pore sizes in microscopic detail.

We use monocrystalline, highly polished Czochralski silicon wafers as the starting material for our filters. During processing, we place particular emphasis on homogeneity and cleanliness.

The following specifications are variably possible:

  • wafer thickness: 180, 300, 500 µm
  • manufacturing process: UKP laser drilling process (patent granted 11/2021)
  • pore size range: 1000 - 15 µm
  • pore arrangement: freely selectable (hexagonal, square)
  • individual filter assembly: square/round with variable diameters from 15 cm to 5 mm
  • laser marking or interruption of the pores, if required (e.g. tweezers recess)

Equipment for Filtering

Filter cartridge set for cascaded filtration with the components:
© Fraunhofer CSP
Filter cartridge set for cascaded filtration with the components: 1 Metal filtration adapter for TED GC-MS sample holder | 2 Stainless O-rings for TED GC-MS filter crucible | 3 TED GC-MS stainless steel filter crucible | 4 Screw tube for crucible for filter | 5 Stainless steel separator for filter | 6 Stainless steel screw tube | 7 Stainless steel multitool | 8 Filter with 9 mm diameter with different pore sizes

For conducting filtration experiments in water and air, we offer accessories (see illustration) that are compatible with our filters and can be integrated into commercial filter systems - for example, the Sartorius filter kit. When using a filter cascade (filters of different pore sizes), for example, a Sartorius stainless steel funnel with drain valve is used.

To facilitate installation of the filters in the filter system, we also use specially made tools and adapter rings. These are also available from us, as are measuring pots for TED-GC-MS analysis.