In addition to providing individually adapted filter materials and corresponding accessories for conducting filtration experiments, we also offer our customers various analytical tests on filter substrates in order to evaluate water samples and the particles they contain, in addition to laboratory tests at Fraunhofer CSP. For this purpose, various test rigs for filtration in water and air as well as the entire material analytical spectrum are available.

Walter Filtration

After carrying out filtration experiments in our test rigs, the filters are
the filters are dried and are available for various test methods:

  •  determination of particle size distribution (microscopy, SEM)
  • chemical analysis of particles (e.g. ToF-SIMS, SEM/EDX)
  • spectroscopic analysis (micro-FT-IR, micro-Raman)

Air Filtration

Application Examples for Our Filters

© Fraunhofer CSP
Light microscopic mapping of a silicon filter.
© Fraunhofer CSP
Optical spectroscopic micro Raman analysis.
  • Example particle size distribution (upper image): Light microscopic mapping of a silicon filter with microplastic loading after applying a particle counting algorithm that outputs the number of particles for different size classes.
  • Example Optical spectroscopic micro Raman analysis: Using characteristic spectra, the distribution of certain microplastic species (e.g. PP, PET, PS) can be displayed with spatial resolution.