Silicon Filters - Customized Particle Analysis

Silicon is ideally suited as an analysis substrate for the optical spectroscopic analysis of microparticles and nanoparticles, as it is transparent over a broad wavelength range starting at about 1100 nm. Characteristic optical absorption spectra can therefore be optimally assigned to the corresponding plastic species (e.g. PET, PS, PE, etc.).

As a planar analytical substrate, silicon filters are also ideally suited for light and electron microscopic examination of particle size distribution. By manufacturing with our patented laser drilling process with corresponding cleaning and quality assurance measures, we can individually and reproducibly realize geometry, pore size and fabrication of the silicon filters according to the wishes of our partners.


Our Services

  • Si-based nano and microparticle filters (water)
    • Adapter systems
    • Application tests in our laboratories
    • Reference materials and processes  
  • Nanoparticle dispersion and filter systems and sampling technique (air)
  • Nano and microparticle analysis:
    • Particle statistics
    • optical spectroscopy (Raman, FT-IR)
    • high resolution analysis in SEM, TEM
  • Ultra-short pulse laser drilling technology for the production of filter/analytical substrates according to customer requirements incl. fabrication


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